Cobra DriveHD Dash Cam Review

We are nothing if not honest here at Tech Nuovo. So when the Cobra DriveHD Dash Cam arrived, I was less than keen, but that doubt was eventually put to rest, as you will read.

So the CDR835 came in a smart box, but it was only when I got it out that I put it straight back in again.

The screen is tiny, and I mean tiny, the buttons didn’t feel great and it just didn’t ‘look’ the part.

I was eventually persuaded to actually turn it on, and my worries melted away. The quality is amazing, especially considering its price of around £80 at the time of writing this.

cobra driveHD dash cam 2

The screen is small, and it is almost impossible to make out anything on it, but that’s not the point here. With this sort of pricing and a setup procedure a three year old could do, this is firmly aimed at those who are either considering dipping a toe into the dash cam market, or business bosses who want them in their fleet of vehicles but are put off by prices.

Now here we are. A dash cam with great quality, at rock bottom price and simply enough for a primary school kid to use.

Turn it on, make a few selections like res and clip length, and sit back.

It will even give you the option of continuing to record after you get out. And like its big brothers, those recordings are done on a continuous loop so nothing is missed. Impact detection is there and a ‘panic’ record button too. It is high def and has a wide 160 degree record angle.

I loved it, and while put off initially by an apparent Poundland look and feel, it is the quality of that camera and recording that are the over-riding assets this dash cam can rest its laurels upon.

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