Samsung Unveil Their New S8

I’ve been waiting for this day for a while. As a long term fan of the Samsung phones – yeah I’m the hated one in the office, damn iPhone users – you can imagine the smile that I’ve had on my face all day today. Earlier today, the new Samsung S8 was unveiled. And although we’ve already seen a couple of leaked images floating around the Internet of late, there’s nothing better than seeing an official image of a newly released flagship.

The Samsung S8 still follows the format design that Samsung has kept for the last few years, although with a slight difference. There is no home button on the front now. That has been scrapped in favour of a pressure sensor underneath at the base of the screen. This means that Samsung has space for a larger screen. It works exactly the same as the current home button.

Inside the phone you can find some really impressive specs. In Europe we’re going to be expecting an Exynos 8895 Octa – EMEA octa-core processor running with four 2.3 GHz and four 1.7 GHz cores. This is backed up with an impressive 4GB RAM making this phone one speedy powerhouse.

We’re expecting again 64GB of storage capacity, which means plenty of videos and photos. TouchWiz is Samsung’s overlay for Android and it’s covered in Gorilla Glass 5 so it’s nice and protected from drops.

The screen measures at around 5.8″ on the Samsung S8 which is a little larger than a wide-screen phone, but don’t worry. The phone’s default resolution is Full HD+ butcan be changed to WQHD+ in the settings menu.

The camera has had a little TLC as it now shoots 8 megapixel selfies at a 1.7 aperture meaning you can capture some really nice shallow depth of field selfies. On the back is a 12 megapixel, not the highest by any means, but if they’re Samsung, and have done some justice with their older cameras, so I have no worries here. You can also shoot video in 4K.

Let me now introduce you to Bixby, Samsung’s answer to Siri. Their most talked about feature so far, and one that I think is absolutely awesome is the product recognition. As demonstrated on the Samsung website, just aim your camera at a particular product and watch Bixby try and find it online. See someone wearing a sweet pair of kicks? Just shoot them with your camera and your phone will tell you what they are. So neat, and I hope it’s accurate. We will let you know once we get a chance to review one.

The new Samsung S8 will react to touch, sound sight. All we’re missing is taste and smell and we’ve got ourselves an Android. See what I did there? The future is here. The future is fast. The future is Samsung. Check out some more interesting features on the Samsung website, and maybe even pre-order your own.