The Best Custom Phone Cases From Caseable

Phone customisations are something that separates us from the rest. We all walk around in clothes that come from the same shops on the high street, most of us dangle white Apple headphones from our head, and a small percentage of us are daring enough to go wild with our hair styles. Looking at you lot with the wacky coloured Barnet Fairs. Keep it up guys.

However, one way we can differentiate ourselves is by our choice of mobile phone case, and Caseable have caught on. They’re taking the world of mobiles by storm with the custom cases, purely because you can choose the design. Caseable offer cases for a range of devices, including tablet and laptop sleeves, but today, as they were kind enough to send us some, are going to focus on mobile phone cases.

First off, Caseable offer three types of cases, hard, flip and pouch. Hard cases are the type that wrap around the back of the phone, generally made from plastic. Flip cases are your folio types, that look like a book. and finally, the pouch is a case that you slide your phone in and out of. All offer various types of protection and all look just as stylish as the last.

Customisation options are insanely huge, each being categorised by its style. Some of the top designs are Abstract, Movies and Fantasy, City and Architecture and Photography. They split down further by filtering the designs into male, female and kids styles. And there are even some artists that have got involved with Caseable to design some really eccentric stuff.

Where Caseable really stand apart from the competition is the fact that you can design your own cases using there very easy to control editor. All you need to do is choose your mobile from a drop down list and a template appears. From here, upload images, do some drawing, choose a pattern, and drag and drop them into position on the template canvas. Click send, enter payment details and await your custom case to arrive in the post. Simple as that.

Cases with Caseable can start from only £19.99 and go up to £24.99 for the folio case, so not too bad for a completely custom design. They’re a great idea for a gift. They could be used as some type of fancy business cards or even for merch for your band. The choice is yours, and customisation options are endless. Check them out at their website, there is a lot more on offer that I could ever write in one review.