With 5G slowly making waves here in the UK, what better time to really deep dive into the dark and scary topic of 5G. I mean, when people think of 5G, EVERY conspiracy theory under the sun comes to light. People are scared of it. The press make us scared of it. But, is it really that frightening to use?

Well a new podcast produced by tech giants Samsung, which is hosted by mathematician Dr Hannah Fry and award-winning comedian Suzi Ruffell, explore 5G and how it is changing our daily lives. The podcast is titled Whatever Next? and some of the topics, which by the way I’m not spoiling, include personalising our film endings to revolutionising the food on our plates.

5G has a huge potential to improve the world tenfold, and it’s only just getting started, and it’s a nice way for the average mobile consumer to jump in and find out more. The episodes are airing between 9th October and Christmas, so make sure you check it out.

Whatever Next? is available via ACAST on all major podcast platforms. For more information and to listen to the Whatever Next? podcast, please visit https://www.samsung.com/uk/5G