How convenient is contactless payments. Especially now that it’s so simple to do with your phone! Just tap the back of your device on a card reader, and you transfer funds to pay for your goods.

Well, apparently you agree, so Smasung says in their most recent research. It was said 46% of Brits are more willing to turn to digital payments following the lockdown period. You know, because touching money can transfer illness and all that. Furthermore, 45% of people asked want to stop using cash and 42% of you have too many cards in your wallet. The survey was carried out with 2,000 people. And 31% of you now use your phone anyway to make digital payments.

And some of you were even honest enough to let them know about your last bank visit, with 48% of people asked, couldn’t remember when their last trip to the bank was. Everything is done online or over the phone now, or even with the built-in text chat options banks now offer.

So, how can Samsung help with this? Well, with their Samsung Pay card. Samsung Pay is a way for users to link all of their cards to one single solitary card, and use their phone to switch between them to make payments. The system is powered by Curve and Mastercard, in which we’ve already had experience with, we can say it’s a simple system and one that will definitely be enjoyed. It makes life so much easier.

What’s more, you can even hook up loyalty cards to the Samsung Pay app too. The setup isn’t acually a physical card, so you are bound to the maximum amounts that traditional banking put in place. Currently, the UK’s contactless maximum value is £45. But with traditional chip and pin methods being pushed out, there’s no doubt that that amount will rise in the future.

Two more interesting features of the Samsung Pay app include their Going Back In Time feature. Say you pay for goods with card A, and soon after want to switch that payment to card B, you can. But you can only do this up to 14 days. The second, is Samsung are offering 5% cash back on all payments! This offer does end though on the 31/12/20. So it’s more of a Christmas promotion than anything else.

These results exhibit a clear shift in consumer attitudes towards the way they make payments following this year’s events,”

“Samsung Pay Card provides customers with the option to control all of their finances from the palm of their hand, something that this research shows is more important now, than ever before.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to create technology that improves their day-to-day lives. The Samsung Pay Card is not a bank card, but a digital wallet that provides our loyal customers with a simple, safe and much more rewarding way to bring their cards together”

Teg Dosanjh, Director of Connected Services, UK & Ireland at Samsung Electronics.

You can head over to the Samsung Pay website for more information, and to sign up for yourself.