“We are thrilled to announce the UK availability of the Odyssey Neo G8, the world’s fastest 4K gaming monitor”, said Daler Bhaker,  Samsung Electronics UK Ltd. “The Odyssey Neo G8 is a truly exceptional product that allows consumers to fully immerse themselves in the gaming experience. We are excited for all to enjoy.”

What an absolute beast this new monitor looks to be, with a price tag to match. ‘Just’ a 32″ display but Samsung is saying it is the world’s first and fastest monitor that combines a 4K (3,840 x 2,160) 1000R curved VA panel featuring Quantum Matrix Technology, with 240Hz super-fast refresh rate and 1ms response time. Inspired by the Odyssey Neo G9, the design of the Odyssey Neo G8 offers a unique exterior, whilst still being packed with top-class features.

Odyssey Neo G8_2-min

“Quantum Mini LED technology enables the Odyssey Neo G8 to have accurate control of the densely packed LEDs, ensuring gamers can see both dark and bright scenes. The CoreSync lighting found on the rear of the monitor automatically detects colors on the screen and projects them in real life to create a more intense sense of immersion.”

The new display technology called Matte Display, provides anti-glare and anti-reflection protection, meaning distractions are at a minimum ensuring users can focus on the content in front of them. The Odyssey Neo G8 comes with a Height Adjustable Stand (HAS), as well as Swivel and Tilt functionality for ergonomic efficiency and Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) compliant mounting – users can tailor their space to suit them best for maximum comfort and productivity.

Odyssey Neo G8_3-min

We’ve obiously not tried and tested the monitor in person, yet, we’ll see if we can get one to review but it looks promising and from previous Samsung monitors we have tested, they are solid, top quality pieces of kit. The price, a cool £1299 here in the UK, which is quite an investment on it’s own and if you consider the GPU/PC you’ll need to hit that refresh rate at a good resolution and graphic quality, even more of an investment. What an epic set up you’ll have though!

For more info, head over to the official Samsung website.