Samsung have added another televivion to their new 8K lineup. This time it’s the Samsung Q700T and it’s their latest addition to their 2020 range.

The television starts at 55-inches and starts at only £1,999. I know, nearly £2000 worth of television and I’ve used ‘only’, but considering these large TVs can hit into the tens of thousands, two of those isn’t bad for an 8K image.

For those of you who aren’t sure about 8K, I just want to remind you that it’s four times the amount of resolution of 4K, and with the release of the new nVidia graphics cards, and 8K becoming more prevelant, now might be the time to upgrade your television.

A new feature, and one that’s unique to the 2020 Samsung lineup is the fact there is Object Tracking Sound+, or OTS+ for short. This means that audio moves around the screen, as it’s focusing on an object. There are eight speakers in total built into the four sides of the television, to give it an equal soundscape no matter where you are in the room. Ssamsung’s Adaptive Sound+ and Active Voice Amplifier means that every sound heard is as crystal clear as possible.

There’s also a Black Stabilizer feature which is designed to bring out more details in the darkest of shadows. And Samsung are also guaranteeing no screen burn too, which would be a great feature for those gamers who play the same thing for hours on end. Looking at you Fortnite fans.

The Samsung Q700T also features Samsung’s eye-watering upscaling technology, designed to make image quality from lesser quality sources much better than they would be on a non-upscaled source. And experiening this first hand with some demonstrations, I can safely say it’s great.

The new Samsung Q700T features can be found online as I said for £1,999.