Rumoured official image for the new Amazon Smartphone

Above is the latest image of the Amazon Smartphone to hit the internet today.

BGR tech site posted the image today, claiming it was created for internal use by graphic designers at Amazon.

The UI shown in the picture is similar to the Kindle Fire HDX

If true, then Amazon has taken influence from other major handsets, specifically the iPhone 5S.

There is a whiff of the Samsung S5 as well with the home button below the screen.

“Multiple trusted sources verified the authenticity of the image” according to BGR.

Another  rumour which is causing a lot of hype are the 6 cameras on the device. There will be you standard front and rear lenses. The extra 4 are rumoured to be linked to the 3D interface and motion tracking technology.

No updates to release date or pricing as of yet. We’re hoping for a low up-front cost to get consumers plugged into the Amazon ecosystem.

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