Call of Duty for a long time has been a very successful game franchise, one of the best in fact. You know there is always going to be another release. This time Activision and Sledgehammer have teamed up to bring us ‘Advanced Warfare’. Sledgehammer Games had a hand in the creation of Modern Warfare 3.

From what we’ve seen from the newly released trailer are small hints of what we’re likely to expect. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare looks to feature hover bikes with cannons attached, huge armoured exoskeletons with nifty cloaking perks, super jumps, advanced tanks, and Kevin Spacey. Yep, House of Cards actor Spacey looks to be joining us as some kind of war antihero.

All clips in the trailer show what looks like cutscenes only. There’s no telling what sort of gameplay action will be available, and whether it will be singleplayer or multiplayer only.

Please check out the trailer for yourself.