Rocketbook Smart Microwavable Notebook Review

rocketbook notebook

The Rocketbook Notebook is exactly as the name suggests. It’s pretty smart, as you’re able to upload notes to various cloud based storage platforms, just by scanning the page.

This works if you use the Rocketbook with its app. The app didn’t take long to set up at all, and gives users the ability to connect to their favourite cloud based storage which is remembered through a number of symbols on each page.

Once you’ve opened the app and set it up, you can begin scanning. You get a choice to upload a .pdf or .jpeg of each page you scan, which works well if you’re going to be sharing that content around the office. Scans are extremely clear in both cases, and easily shareable. What more, all you need to do is mark the symbol which can be found at the bottom of each page and that scan will automatically send to the linked destination, whether it’s a Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive or Slack among others.

The Rocketbook has around 60 pages which are A5 in size and are dotted rather than lined. They suggest you fill up the whole thing before deciding to wipe it clean with radiation. That’s right. They claim that you can put this notebook into your microwave, give it a quick blast and it comes out fresh and new. However, there’s two catches.

The first is the fact Rocketbook claim you need special Frixion pens which doesn’t exactly scream unique to us, as Frixion pens can erase ink on any paper. A notebook left in a hot car can even erase the ink, so a microwave isn’t really needed. The second is the fact you can only blast this notebook up to three times before you need a new one. And I could tell this was true because even after one blast, the edges started warping and fraying. So for £30, I’d rather buy a case of notebooks from eBay to last me a year and take a photo of the page every time and then recycle the book once I’m done with it.

So ignore the microwave feature, it’s pretty redundant. But, the smart feature is pretty cool if you’re in a rush to share your notes. It doesn’t exactly revolutionise the market, as you could easily do this with a mobile phone camera and a cloud storage app on your phone anyway.

It’s a nice try Rocketbook, but I feel it’s a little too gimmicky to justify the £30 asking price for this notebook. However, if you do want more information on the product, then head over to the Rocketbook website.

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