Apple announced earlier this week that pre-orders for the new flagship exceeded 4 million. That’s a crazy amount. No wonder the roads were clear on the way into work this morning. Everyone is outside their local electrical retailer. Apple unveiled the new handsets at their Keynote session on the 9th September and has definitely had people buzzing around the idea of a Plus sized iPhone.

Apple revealed some of their brand new apps such as Apple Pay. Although this is nothing new for Android users, Apple have failed to integrate mobile payments with the iPhone before.

Take a look at John Lewis in the Stratford Westfields. Granted the queue isn’t massive, but this photo was taken very early this morning. Eager beavers.

It has also been reported that people have been camping outside of their local Apple stores just so they’re the first in line for the launch. Unfortunately we have no photos of this, but I’m sure you will be able to find them online. Twitter is full of them. Just search #iPhone6.

Another shopping centre was packed with queues for the new iPhone. One passer by took a snap in disbelief.

iphone queue 12