Qualcomm has just unveiled their next set of Snapdragon processors for phones and tablets. These are the 810 and the 808. They should be hitting the market by early 2015. The next gen 810 is said to be able to handle up to 55megapixel image sensors. Great for those taking photos on the move. 4K video and ultra HD displays are also on their way.

There are other advancements too such as Bluetooth 4.1, LPDDR4 memory and also beefed up Wi-Fi speeds. The Adreno 430 GPU is said to be 30% faster than its predecessor. Unfortunately the octa-core 810 will probably only be available for very high end smartphones, but who doesn’t have one of them, right?

Crawling up behind is the 808. This processor is a six-core Snapdragon. Having only 2K display the colour and quality will not be as superior, but you will still notice a huge change from the mobiles on the market today. However, the 808 can output 4K colour via HDMI.

Both processors are going to be 64-bit chipsets and they should be smaller, lighter and offer much better battery life said Qualcomm.