QPad MK-70 Keyboard Review

Everyone enjoys simplicity, which is what drew me to the QPad MK-70 mechanical keyboard. There is nothing better than opening up a keyboard box only to find it contains the product itself and an ‘old skool’ PS/2 adapter for older computer systems.

The MK-70 has a matte black finish which looks and feels extremely good when using. My favourite feature of the keyboard is the illuminated backlit keys. There are 4four levels of brightness depending on your preferencce. The only colour available is blue but this didn’t bother me too much as my mouse and computer LEDs are all blue. It looks very neat on my desk among my other peripherals.

The keyboard is compact measuring in at a tiny 44.8x15x3.5cm compared to other ‘gaming’ keyboards on the market. I liked the size. It suited me well in a limited amount of space on my desk. Coming from a huge Roccat Ryos Mk Pro it took a bit of getting used to. Being of a smaller size means there is no room for extra keys or those pesky function buttons that no one every uses. The keys are close together requiring very litte effort to stretch your hand across the surface.

The keys themselves are on Cherry MX switches which have a 4mm travel distance and 2mm actuation. The keyboard does sound reletively loud when typing which is expected of a mechanical keyboard but for gaming, the resistance on the keys are enough to not feel too spongey.

This keyboard is very hard to fault. It worked superbly when zipping through Dust II on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and felt very solid when hammering my skills on Star Wars: The Old Republic. The only thing I can find wrong, and this is clutching at straws, is that you have to turn the backlight on every time you boot up your machine. Overall, this keyboard is a solid choice for you space saving gamers.