Ed’s Diner Joins The 21st Century

Ed’s Diner is one of the only chain restaurants I know that can pull of a 50s vibe. Once inside you automatically feel like you’re a member of Grease Lightning listening to old-time classics while staring at vintage memorabilia. The only thing missing are its customers jumping up and sporadically bursting into song.

But now Ed has decided to future proof his retro joints and bring them into the 21st century by releasing a couple of mobile phone apps that would make his customer’s lives a lot easier.

The first piece of software is a loyalty app. Rather than giving his customers paper coupons, the app gives visitors a full digital experience by saving their loyalty points on their mobile phone. Customers can also receive the latest meal deals as well as a £5 ‘welcome bonus’ when you sign up to spend at an Ed’s Diner restaurant.

The second one is aimed at the kiddies. Ed’s Diner wants you to design a burger in Ed’s Junior Chef challenge. Race against the clock using ingredients from Ed’s burger range to design and build their burgers. A worthy challenge for the younger customers.

Ed’s CEO Andrew Guy comments: “We are delighted with our new loyalty app which has a clear focus on rewarding our loyal customers.  We’ve tried to keep it as simple and concise as possible to appeal to a wider audience and now plan to introduce a range of new features to make it even more appealing to our customers.”

Both apps are available to download from Android Play and the iOS App Store.

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