Pure Pop Mini DAB Radio Review

Pure are known for their quality DAB radios and have even won awards for their excellence.

The Pure Pop Mini doesn’t fall short of the bar either. Standing at 5.5″ its compact size means it will fit nicely in a corner of the room, somewhere like a kitchen.

It kicks out some quality digital sound as long as your signal is strong enough to receive it. It’s not very loud however, but if you’re using one of these I’m pretty sure you’re not looking to fill the house with music.

It’s extremely easy to use. There is a big button on the top which is power. This also doubles up as the volume knob. There are five channel presets as well as your station selection buttons present. On the back you can find a 3.5″ headphone jack as well as an autotune button for the stations. There is an FM tuner present for the stations that aren’t on a digital frequency at the moment.

The Pure Pop Mini oozes style. The white top looks very clean and fresh. The black screen makes it pop with clarity. The grey mesh compliments the mix of colours making the Pop Mini look very modern.

There is a clock radio included as well with an alarm feature.

I was surprised there was no auxiliary in for external music players such as MP3 players and iPods.

Overall, the Pure Pop Mini will fit well into any room’s decor, and is built extremely well. You can pick these up for around £59.99 from various electronic retailers.

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