Pure Jongo T6X Review

In spite of its large size, it looks plain, simple and elegant and more importantly sounds great. Actually, for some people, that may not be the most important quality of this speaker. The set up and connection system is one thing that needs to be as painless as possible.

I have a friend with a Passat and a Galaxy phone. Will the two talk to each other? Not a chance, and that is dead frustrating. So how does it all work with this Jongo T6X from Pure handle this technology?

Brilliantly as it turns out. As there is no battery support, plug it in to the mains, flick the on off switch on the back, push the button on the side, and when it flashes green have your music-filled device scan for a Bluetooth device within range and watch the two pair.

From then on, just select your fave sounds and play. It will play what you are watching on your screen, so if you are on something like YouTube this 100 watt RMS Jongo will cooperate the play the video sound.

There is also a 3.5mm input jack for wired connection. And to hook up more than one Jongo device, there is an app from Pure to do just that. Run through a wireless system where ever you happen to be. Like the Bluetooth connection, it just works. It has more controls, including an equaliser to improve on the already fine default sound.

One thing about the app which is frustrating is the fact you cannot play music from your phone or tablet. It has to search for some kind of music library on a PC or laptop. This is okay I suppose if you’re hooking up multiple speakers to your wireless network, but if there is just one, which in this case there was only one T6X, it would have been nice to play our phone’s music on the speaker through our wireless network.

The speaker body is available in black or white and there grill can be changed for a more colourful one really easily. Just tug it off and snap a new one on. An extra cost option of a stand lets you sit it sideways

This is an expensive speaker at around the £200 mark, so make sure you are able to hear one before ordering. Sound is just a preferential quality that you need to listen to something before spending so much on it.

And remember, you can use the Pure app to connect several for house-wide coverage.