Creative EVO Wireless Headphones Review

Creative over the last decade have made a name for themselves with their fantastic audio products although have started slipping in the last two or three years. They’ve just released their new Sound Blaster products and with it comes the Creative EVO Wireless Headphones. We’ve been sent a model to review. Can it live up to what you’d expect from a Creative product?

There is no denying that these headphones look cool. There is something about the shiny accented red among the mainly black frames. They are extremely stylish and will definitely turn heads as you walk down the street. The colours fall in line with Creative’s older headsets like the Tacic 3D Rage. Although the EVO Wireless isn’t built for gaming, it certainly worked just as well as some other headsets on the market.

We primarily used it for PC use, meaning we used it while playing games and listening to music through iTunes. It worked well thanks to its 40mm FullSpectrum audio drivers. Bass was a little heavy and overpowered some music. The treble was excellent. Audio for making calls and music can be cleaned up with the help of the EVO Wireless software for your PC or as an app for your phone which is extremely easy to use. Being an over-ear style headphone, the Creative EVO Wireless blocks out any unwanted background noise. The only issue I found with music is bleeding sound, meaning at higher volumes the sound leaks out which can cause an annoyance to the people around you, especially in quiet atmosphers. But I suppose it gives them something to listen to.

They’re also Bluetooth, enabling you to connect them to a phone or tablet. Making calls was ever so clear. The Crystal Voice technology inside the headphones meant that I was able to be heard by my friends on calls with minimal distortion. Of course there is a built-in battery as the headset is Bluetooth. This lasted around a day worth of heavy use, using it in the office and while we were commuting.

Inside the box you will find a carry case for storing it safely while in a bag, a USB cable for PC use and charging, a 3.5mm auxillery cable for mobile phones and a set of instructions.

There are several controls on the side of the headphones which at first I thought were in awkward locations, but once I got used to them worked well and were comfortable to use. The controls are for volume and also skipping tracks.

The EVO Wireless is a solid set of headphones that can definitely put Creative back on the map. It seemed obvious that these cans were aimed more at the mobile market rather than gaming but it was nice to know I could use them for multiple activities. You can find out more information and purchase these directly from the Creative website.


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