Project Cars 2 is finally here, and continues to be brilliant. If you are one of those who hates the Forza series for being racing for babies, Project Cars 2 will come straight in pole position.

Make no mistake, this is no arcade racer. If you don’t have a wheel, you either won’t be able to play it, or need to turn on all the driving assists, or have super sensitive thumbs.

I tried it on both the Xbox and PC. We don’t yet have a wheel for the console, but the Logitech Momo on the PC is the key to maximising fun.

As the developers say, this “takes the franchise and its fans into a blistering new era of motorsport simulation with the largest track roster ever seen on console, a wholly revamped out-of-the-box gamepad experience, 5 motorsport disciplines, 29 motorsport series, 180 cars from dozens of elite brands, and over 140 revolutionary living, organic tracks in 60 locations , to bring you the most authentic racing game ever devised.”

And they are right. It looks amazing and drive brilliantly.¬† Out of the box, the setups didn’t suit me much, but you get a race engineer to help changing your car’s settings. I like to race, but am still rubbish at fully understanding setups. The engineer makes adjustments based on your answers to some basic questions.

And it makes a difference. Go to the pits, adjust, go out again. Rinse and repeat until you find something that suits.

It takes times and patience but the payoff is enormous. Lap times tumble, and you are not on the edge at every corner. You can then concentrate on your race skills to close down the opposition.

I stress again, you will need a wheel to make the most of this title. Project Cars 2 is frustrating if you want to just jump in – turn to Forza for that, and even then, you need to get a decent setup.

As usual, there are plenty of racers online willing to share their setups for the sim.