Pokemon added to Google Maps

Google today have unveiled what I believe to be the greatest April Fools’ joke in history. Every kid raised in the early 90s wanted to become a Pokemon master and Google, with their clever advertising schemes, have fooled us into believing we can. Google have released a video explaining that us avid fans of the anime have until the 2nd April to catch ’em all. All you need is the most up to date version of Google Maps and you’re ready to go.

After opening the Google Maps app, click the search button and you will see an image of a Poke’ball and a Get Started message. Once clicked your entire map of the world fills up with every single Pokemon. Although the increasingly popular YouTube advert showed us how augmented reality is involved, in actual reality all it requires is a click on the screen to actually catch the Japanese monsters.

So far I have caught four. But this isn’t going to stop me. I hope this game does not disappear after the 2nd. It is definitely one of the most intriguing games that has come to a mobile phone in the past few years.

It also comes with a Poke’dex filled with all the information you hardcore fans desire such as type, skills, and evolution stages.

Here you can find the Google Maps video of the Pokemon challenge.

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