Philips One Blade Review
The Good
  • Cuts hair very well
  • 1 blade lasts 4 months
  • Affordable
The Bad
  • Hair does get clogged when using with attachments
  • 8 Hour charge time for 45 minute use isnt great
4.2Overall Score

Beards. A man’s treasured possession that is carefully crafted, with precision and skill. The need for a quality razor is key. Without one, you may not be able to achieve the desired look, or it could pull hairs and even cause soreness. I have a beard, unlike Joe and Stef, although it’s nothing special and far from treasured BUT I do like to keep it trim and in shape. I have used various razors and trimmers before but when Philips got in touch about their OneBlade, I had to try it out.

The Philips OneBlade is a multi use razor/trimmer… probably more trimmer but with replaceable blades, and is suitable for trimming, shaving and detailing. The blade cuts at both ends, plus on the face of it and attachments can be clipped on to help achieve your desired look. It looks pretty funky, so let’s open the box!


Straight away, you will notice its distinct black and lemony/limey colour, which I really like, great choice of colours for me. At the top of the trimmer is the blade, which is detectable and lasts up to four months, based on two shaves a week. There is a single on/off button on the front and at the bottom is the charging point. The trimmer has a built-in rechargeable battery, which can only be charged using a 110/230v shaver socket, via the included cable. Included within the box is the trimmer itself, the power lead and three attachments, 1, 3 and 5mm trim levels, plus instructions. I would recommend reading the instructions so you are aware of the dos and donts.

The OneBlade is perfectly shaped for your hand, left or right, whichever way you sway, with a perfectly positioned on/off button and finished with a rubbery material around the sides, for added grip. The trimmer came charged for me and is meant to last around 45 minutes, so it should last for several shaves. As mentioned before, it has a built in rechargeable battery, which can only be charged via a shaver socket, not a traditional 3-pin socket and takes approximately 8 hours for a full charge. The head is waterproof, so you can have a wet or dry shave BUT this will not give you that clean shave look, it is not as sharp as traditional razor blades.


Using the the OneBlade couldn’t be simpler. Press on the on/off button and the blade will start to move. The three attachments easily snap onto the blade and there is also a blade cover to protect it when in not in use. The blade itself easily clips on and off via a push button below it. When I first used it, I wasn’t to sure how to use it or which way to hold it. Unlike a traditional trimmer/razor, this blade cuts from various angles and once you get used to that, you can see how much of an asset that is and how much it helps to shave. I initially put the 3mm attachment on and started to trim my beard. It worked well and the length across my beard was fairly even, though I thought it took longer to get the desired look, compared to my other trimmer. I would partly blame this on me being new to the product! Depending on how long your beard is, the hair can get clogged up quite easily in the attachment so I did have to blow/remove the attachment a number of times to clean the blade. The blade can be put into water or under the tap, to a degree, to assist with cleaning it.

Once my beard was an even 3mm across my face, I moved onto tidying it up. I removed the attachment and used one of the edges, like a normal trimmer and cut underneath my beard to give it its shape. Pleasantly happy with the result, I was able to precisely shape to what I wanted. The final step on my beard grooming routine is to clean shave the underside of my face/chin and I know the OneBlade isn’t designed for that but I want to try it anyway. I can confirm you will not achieve that clean shave look with the OneBlade.

Overall the shave experience was good, the blade flexes when it moves across your face and performs well at removing hair. I like the fact you can clean the blade with water, that removes the need to brush away the hairs and just makes it easier to maintain in general. Replacement blades? Yes, they retail at £13 for one or £21 for two, which is a similar cost when compared to a pack of 4 razor blades that may also last about four months. The OneBlade retails at £39.99, comes with the one blade and can be purchased from the official Philips OneBlade website.

Love your beard, you will love the OneBlade.

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