Hello hello hello, welcome back to the channel and this weeks episode of 180 tech chat, our weekly round-up video, showcasing some of the best bits of tech and games news from last week. 

If I said the name Tommy Shelby, would you know what I’m talking about? Peaky Blinders. Digital entertainment studio, Maze Theory, and global distributor and content creator, Banijay, in collaboration with Peaky Blinders official brand and series owner and series producer, Caryn Mandabach Productions, have just announced the launch of the first virtual reality game inspired by the show. Peaky Blinders fans and VR enthusiasts can, for the first time, infiltrate the Peaky Blinders underground world, coming face-to-face with much-loved and much-feared characters such as Tommy and Arthur Shelby, as well as a host of other brand-new characters. The game is an authentic, embodied experience set in an atmospheric 1920s England. Players will choose their path in moments of subversion, wish fulfilment, narrative intrigue, and gripping set pieces, to see how the story will play out. The game is called Peak Blinders The Kings Ransom and it’s set for release this year but a specific date has not yet been specified. I think this has potential and there is just something back to that era in the UK that intrigues me and many others. 

Now then, are you old enough to remember Lemmings? If you’re not, never mind but if you are, like me, then those little guys turned 30 years old last year! Very fond memories, digging, building ramps, making sure I got as many of those little guys to safety as possible. A new documentary that shines a light on the iconic video game will premiere for free on YouTube this coming Monday, the 14th at 12 pm GMT and subsequently be made available for free on-demand after. Lemmings, which in 2021 celebrated its 30th birthday, is part of the Britsoft establishment. Originally developed by DMA Design in Dundee (which went on to create the Grand Theft Auto franchise), it was first published for the Commodore Amiga by Liverpool-based Psygnosis on Valentine’s Day in 1991. The documentary, Lemmings: Can You Dig It?, was filmed remotely during the pandemic and celebrates this icon of Scottish and UK games culture by speaking to the people behind its original success, while investigating its legacy in gameplay and taking a look at how it inspired some of the world’s biggest games franchises ever since.

Link to the Lemmings documentary here: https://youtu.be/RbAVNKdk9gA 

Next up, Lost Ark, the latest free two play MMORPG to hit steam. Its new, but it’s not, it’s been out since 2019 over in South Korea but it’s only just getting a global release now. If you bought a bundle, you will have already had some early access, with those that didn’t want to pay for the early access, gaining access this weekend. We’ve been playing it and it’s fun, it’s got those Diablo feels, it’s very Final Fantasy like Korean visuals, cute cats running behind you as a companion. However, we’ve got server queues and it’s seriously painful. We played New World, riddled with queues on servers, this is the same and the common denominator? Amazon. We got early access to get on early, get ahead of the free to play players but we’ve been logging in at 5 or 6 pm after work and sitting in a queue of 20,000 and getting into the game about 10 pm, that’s 4 hours of waiting. Will it improve, sure, over time people will drop off and yeah, it’s a recurring issue with MMO’s but it’s 2022 devs, come on, fix this.