Parrot, the well known drone manufacturer has just announced the launch of their new ANAFI Thermal drone, a thermal ultra-compact and lightweight drone solution dedicated to a wide range of industries. Now this may not be hot news for the consumer but it is to a number of industries, that now use drones in their day to day works.

ANAFI Thermal captures data to provide users with thermal and RGB images quickly and efficiently, and designed to reduce risk and increase productivity. It is based on Parrot existing consumer drone – Parrot ANAFI – and features a built in HDR camera and FLIR® thermal sensor.

With ANAFI Thermal, users can view live thermal and RGB images (4K HDR) of surfaces, structures or at-risk areas that the drone captures while in flight, creating the opportunity to better understand areas monitored and take immediate action.

Users of ANAFI Thermal can collect previously inaccessible information and data at a fraction of the cost, while increasing efficiency and productivity in a secure way.

ANAFI Thermal: who is it for and how is it used?

ANAFI Thermal is a complete solution that’s perfectly adapted to the needs of building industry professionals (eg. roofers, insulation and thermal inspection specialists), major public works and construction groups, installers of solar panels, energy suppliers and transporters, civil security services and rescue services such as firefighters and policemen.

For building professionals, ANAFI Thermal can be used to obtain an overview of the thermal losses of a façade or a roof, for example, offering cost control and removing the need for complex equipment installation (ladders, scaffolding, etc.).

Civil security services can, remotely and post-intervention, monitor hot points and decide whether, according to the results observed, to retain a team/equipment on site. Whether using 4K images or thermal rendering, searching for people in rugged areas can be faster, without endangering the teams.

Energy suppliers and transporters can identify a power failure on a high-voltage cable within minutes or even isolate a defective solar panel.

Organisations for the protection of the environment and species also benefit from drone technology. Discreet and silent, ANAFI Thermal does not cause stress to animals. This makes it possible to observe, identify and count species while remaining at a distance and protect animals from poaching, for example.

The drone is available from next month, with a retail price of £1700. It’s packed full of features and will be an asset to a number of companies moving forward.