OnePlus One – One Month In

I’ve been using the OnePlus One for the past month and have run into my fair share of problems, and it seems like I am not alone.

For the first two weeks the phone was working just as I expected it would, hoped it would, but then horror started.

The only thing that is working well is the battery, I can get two full days of medium usage out of it without having to charge which is great if like me you occasionally forget to stick the damn thing on charge, but other than that the phone it just a paperweight.

The touch screen is pretty much the most important part of the phone, if that doesn’t work then the phone becomes useless and that’s what has happened, if you type fast, which is what I’m used to, the keyboard doesn’t accept every touch so you end up missing out letters or spaces. I’ve tried a few different keyboard apps and the problem is still there. The other problem with the screen is unresponsiveness. I try and swipe down the notification menu 5-10 times before I end up getting into it.  I also hit the home button and still be sitting on the same screen five taps later.

It doesn’t matter how good everything else is such as the speed, camera or graphics, if getting to test those features becomes a headache. The OnePlus forums are showing threads from people with the same or different faults regarding the touch screen and they have acknowledged that there is a problem, stating that it is a software issue and they are working to get a fix out. Until then I would do your research before purchasing the One.

I really want this phone to succeed and if they can get this fix out I believe it can. I will be doing another post about the One after they fix the problem, so if you are as eager as me to see this phone break down the competition check back soon.

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