One For All SV-2020 500Mbps PowerLine


For those of you who have not yet come across the term ‘PowerLines’, they’re a device that allows data to be transferred via conventional copper power cabling within your home. If you need to get the internet/data from point A to point B and you currently cannot do this via phone lines installed, then using PowerLines is the way forward.

You may have seen the name ‘One For All’ before, they are known for their TV aerial and distribution products, but now they have taken this a step further and produced powerlines for digital transfer for TV’s.

The Sv-2020 has been created to allow for a fast and reliable internet connection between your networked AV devices. The Internet to TV link is compatible with Homeplug AV, IEEE 1901, 10/100 Mbps ethernet, 100-240V power supply, Windows, Mac and Linus and offers speeds upto 500Mbps. This should be more than enough speed to allow transfer for the latest HD movies and music. So let’s check it out.

In the box are two adapters, two ethernet cables and an instruction manual. I really like how the adapters look and feel, they come in a black finish and are relatively small When compared to others they feel of quality construction. There are three indicator lights to identify connectivity and problems, a security button and the ethernet socket. They do only come in black, which may put off some people wanting to see a white adapter against a white socket plate. Unlike some, these adapters do not include a 230v 3pin socket extension so you will lose the use of one socket at both point A & B.

Installing the PowerLines was very simple and is all indicated within the manual. I simply plugged an ethernet cable from my router into the first powerline and plugged it into a spare socket. At point B, I plugged the PowerLine in an inserted the ethernet cable into the PowerLine and the PC. Turn them both on and that’s it, your online! There is the added function of security if you require it. By pressing both security buttons, as shown in the manual, it will securly link these two PowerLines together, incase you have more than one pair in your home. This removes the chance of any interference with installing multiple pairs in one place.

Performance wise, they are great. Whether you can stream movies in HD, truly depends on the internet speed into the home. These do not boost or increase your internet speed. When tested, my internet speed from my router into my laptop was around 74mb. When tested from my PC in a different room, using the PowerLines, the speed was near on exactly the same, give or take 1mb. Near to none upload/download speed was lost. I left the PowerLines on throughout the week and used the computer as much as possible, with very little disruption in internet connectivity. The connection didn’t cut out once during this time. At this speed, I was easily able to stream HD content.

Overall, these are incredibly affordable, reliable and high quality PowerLines. If/when I need more, these will be my first port of call!




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