If there’s one thing that has come from this COVID-19 pandemic, and that’s the fact that your traditional brick and mortar stores on the high street have had to adapt, and O2 is a good example of that.

Generally, if you have an issue with your phone or other product that you’ve purchased from O2, you would usually need to go into store and ask one of their gurus for some advice. Well not anymore. You can go online.

O2 has launched a fully digital guru service, so if you do find yourself in a bit of hot water, you can just log into their service, and chat to a professional in moments. O2 have recently ran a survey and found that 59% of us are still nervous about returning to stores, which is understandable, and this new service is perfect for that. As well, 35% of us miss the physical interaction with an expert in an O2 branch.

This scheme though is just a pilot. It’s going to be available in 121 video support sessions offering exactly the same service you would get if you walked into a brick and mortar branch. But, everything is done online and through your camera now. Bonus right?

Gareth Turpin, Sales, Service and Retention Director, O2, said: “When it comes to shopping, we love the personal touches – great customer service, technical advice and support when help is needed. Our research has shown that customers really missed this expert advice when shopping for tech during lockdown so we’re happy that our Gurus will be able to help people virtually. We’ve seen that shoppers have a real desire to get back on the high street, but for those who can’t, we’re proud to offer our services online to help them to get the support they need.”

Lauren Crossley, Guru at O2’s store in Poole said; “As a Guru I love being able to help customers with their queries which can range from issues such as moving data between devices and accessibility assistance to general advice and problem solving.  We know how much our customers value personalised service and virtual appointments will enable us to help even more people, giving them the support they need to get their best out of their tech.”

If you want any further informatin about the measures O2 have put in place for COVID-19, then head over to the O2 website.