You read the title right, INVISIBLE HEADPHONES. That sounds completely and utterly bonkers, having a device offer audio, without having to wear anything on your ears, WITHOUT disturbing anyone around you. A speaker, that only you can hear…the future is here, potentially.

The Israeli start-up company, Noveto, has just launched the innovative and dynamic SoundBeamer; a device that can beam pockets of sound and music outside the listener’s ears, moving the source of the sound around the listener in 3D without disturbing people nearby—no speakers, no headphones. Noveto is the first company, globally, to successfully develop SoundBeaming.

The company now unveils new hardware and software features of the SoundBeamer 1.0 including a new AI-based built-in voice, facial and gesture recognition, and ambient sound monitoring which enables natural and intuitive interaction. 

How it works 

Using a 3D sensing module, SoundBeaming locates and tracks the user’s ear position, sending audio via ultra-high frequency acoustic waves to create focused invisible sound pockets beside their ears. The user, without disturbing their environment, can hear the stereo, 3D, or even novel spatial 3D sound within the pockets without wearing any physical device. When they move their head, the sound pockets follow, creating a free and natural way to listen like never before.

Noveto Systems is the first company to successfully develop this technology, introducing SoundBeaming, a new way of listening that goes beyond the capabilities of today’s speakers and headphones. With Noveto SoundBeaming, people can enjoy a unique, personal, and immersive sensory experience that creates a closer connection between the user and the sound without isolating them from their surroundings – allowing them to leave and re-enter the sound pockets at will. The sound pockets follow the listener while in the vicinity of the SoundBeamer ensuring freedom of movement and expression. 

The technology can be used in many environments offering a solution to the discomfort and isolation of headphones. With its spatial 3D sound capabilities, it’s ideal for video conferencing, gaming, and home entertainment; users can watch films, play video games, and make and receive video calls without disturbing others. SoundBeaming can also enable drivers to receive directional alerts and navigation and even fitness equipment can be enhanced to enable workouts without wearables getting in the way.

The SoundBeamer is simple to use, paired via Bluetooth to connect it to any device (PC, tablet, TV, mobile phone). The acoustic waves are controlled by state-of-the-art patented DSP engines and algorithms with the Noveto proprietary chipset allowing the magic to happen. 

I can understand very directional audio, that’s basic fundamentals but being able to accurately direct this so no one else around you hears the audio too, boggles the mind. Hopefully, we get to try one out one day and see for ourselves, if it really does work.

There is currently a pre-sale on Kickstarter right now and you can pick up a super early bird version on the device for a cool $345. Looks like standard retail will be nearer the $600 mark.

Check it out, see for yourself.