Nextbase are known for their dashcams. We’ve tried them, they rock. But you may not know, Nextbase produce other in car products too. In fact, they just got into the audio market with two DAB adapters, the DAB250 and DAB350. They sent over the 250 version, the cheaper of the two at just £99 and it’s a plug and play solution for converting your FM radio into a DAB radio. Looking at the images of the 250, it looks pretty good but how easy will it be to install, what about any unwanted cables around the dash… only one way to find out!

Tech Spec:
– Large 2.4” (5cm) LCD screen
– Inbuilt signal stabilization system for reception at high speed
– DAB+ signal synchronization to provide improved antenna performance and maximise signal
– Active film antenna
– Automatic selection of the best vacant FM car frequency
– Supports 10V to 30V power voltage range for all vehicles
– RDS with programme type, clock, date, channel name & radio text
– 3.5mm Aux-In and Line Out jack


Inside the box, you get the adapter itself, windscreen mount, adhesive mount, power cable, antenna, cable clips, cables dies and instructions. So straight away, an antenna is included, meaning I don’t need to try and remove the front of my existing car audio player, to get to the in-built car antenna, hallelujah! The adapter itself is quite small, resembles a pager, do you remember them? Anyway, it’s small, lightweight and will fit discreetly on your windscreen, or dash, or wherever you decide to mount/store it. On the front of the adapter is a 2.4″ screen, four push buttons and a scroll/push wheel. To the rear is the power input, antenna input and reset button. On top are 10 buttons, numbered one to 10, which can be used as preset buttons for your favorite stations and on the bottom is the power button, aux in and line out.

Let’s talk installation, as this was a big concern for me. Firstly, I advise you read the instructions before setting this up, as it’s quite important to get the position of the antenna correct. I don’t want to get into too much detail but you need to install the antenna near your windscreen but not on the glass, mount the adapter in its desired location, plug in the power, antenna and aux cables and away you go. If you do not have an aux input into your existing audio system, you can tune an FM radio station to receive the DAB info from the adapter, which is very handy. I have an aux input, so used this over the FM option, as the sound quality is far superior.


The screen is the hub of information, it shows signal strength, indicates whether a station is DAB or DAB+, shows if you’re using aux or FM outputs, battery level, radio station, station genre and show information. Browsing through the menus is very easy, the options are clear and it was easy to find what I wanted. Autoscan was the first option I wanted, found it straight away and the adapter found a ton of stations ready for me to listen to.

Sound quality from the adapter via aux was great, it was crystal clear and the music sounded superb on my car audio system. Browsing was easy, setting and selecting presets was easy, the screen was clear and just about big enough to see everything you need. Overall, a great solution for converting your FM radio into a DAB radio and wow, was it easy to install and set up! It’s worth mentioning that the in-built battery means the adapter will continue to work with stop/start engines, and the aux in allows you to connect your phone to play music through your sound system, via the adapter, instead of unplugging it. For more info and to purchase the Nextbase Adapt DAB250, visit the official Nextbase website!

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