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It was a long time ago that we tried out the 612GW dash cam and at the time were hugely impressed with its image quality and 4K abilities. Nextbase have just released their new range of dash cams, ‘Series 2’ they are calling it and it looks impressive. The cams themselves have had a slight overall, although still resemble the Nextbase branding and are packing full of new features, including Alexa integration. They sent over one of their higher end cams, the 422GW for us to try out.

The 422GW cam includes 1440p resolution at 30 fps recording or 1080p at 60fps, f1.3 lens, a 2.5” HD IPS touch screen, 140° viewing angle, 10Hz GPS Module, AutoSync, Bluetooth 4.2 and much more.

Look & Feel

Within the box you get the cam itself, a couple of mounting brackets (suction & stick on), a 12v power cable, a USB cable, a warning sticker and a cable installation tool. If my memory is correct, the cable tool is a new addition. It looks somewhat like a small shoe horn, which can be used to push away the trim in your car, so you can hide the power cable. I tried it, I helped to a degree but I did use a small flat head screwdriver too, just because it was that much stronger. You do not get a memory card with the camera as default, although some retailers may offer this combo. The camera accepts microSD cards, class 10 upto 128gb.

The cam looks and feels very much like one from the original range. It’s similar in shape, size and weight, with that long, distinct lens at the front. There are a number of buttons and outlets dotted around the cam, and they include the protect/reset/on off buttons, microSD card slot, USB port, speakers, light sensor and ‘HD-OUT’. HD out is a new feature to this range and it allows you to add modules onto your cam. More on that later.

Installation of the camera is quite straight forward. You have the option of a stick on or suction mount, which gets put onto your windscreen by your rear view mirror. The cam connects to the mount via a magnetic section under that dust cover I mentioned earlier. Pop it out the cam and you can quickly & easily attach it to the mount. There is an electronic connection between the cam and the mount, so suggest putting the dust cover back on when removing the cam. The mount system is excellent, it’s so easy to install & adjust, and the suction is some of the best I’ve ever seen.

Set up is just as easy, it’s very much plug and play once you’ve inserted the SD card and turned the cam on. The screen is touch screen, so you can browse various options and set the cam up how you wish.


The image quality of the cam is excellent and offers a variety of options. At 1440p / 30FPS, the resolution is crystal clear and details can be seen (number plates etc). You can also drop it down to 1080p / 60fps if you want a few more frames but I wouldn’t go any lower than that. The sensors works well in both day and night situations, with the lens letting in enough light for a fairly detailed, somewhat grainy night recording. The audio via the cam works fine, it’s nothing amazing but it will pick up your conversations, or singing.

Check out the video below for some sample footage.

Driver Assistance Emergency SOS:
Your Nextbase™ Dash Camera and MyNextbase Connect App features life-saving crash detection and emergency alerting technology. It is designed to automatically and directly connect you to the nearest Ambulance Service in the event of an accident when you are unable to call for assistance.‘ Touch wood, I didn’t crash while the cam was on but assuming it works, it’s a nice feature to have.

Possibly the best part about the 422GW and the 322 & 522, is the new module system. There are 3 modules available, rear view camera, rear window camera and cabin view camera. They are essentially small additional cameras which can be plugged directly or via a cable (rear window cam) into the 422GW and offer you that extra level of security. These additional modules retail at £49 each and unfortunately I’ve not been able to try one out, but it’s a fantastic idea.

Lastly, the cam is Alexa enabled, which means you can talk to Alexa, via the cam, via your smartphone app. Yes, you need to download the Nextbase app & Alexa app on your smartphone, link them together & set up. It will not work without your smartphone. I tried it but for me, it’s a bit of a gimmick and probably wont be used by many users.


The Nextbase 422GW is an excellent dash cam and a welcome upgrade from the original. The addition of the second camera module is superb and a must have in my mind. The only concern I had with the cam, was that it got rather hot on the windscreen. Granted it was a warm day, but it was hot to touch, which I wasn’t expecting.

It’s available now and currently retails for £129. For more information and to purchase, check out the official Nextbase 422GW webpage.

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