If you’re anything like me, then cooking isn’t really your forte. I’m probably the world’s blandest cook, and to be honest with you, need all the help I can get in the kitchen to make my meals even look interesting. If this sounds like you too, then check out some interesting content made by Samsung. The tech giant teamed up with The Bake King, to show us how to make the perfect pancake and to add some extra flair to our creations. And what’s more… they shot everything on a Samsung Galaxy S21!

The video above is challenging Ben Cullen to create the ultimate flippable pancake, and is using Samsung’s brand new S21 5G series phone, utilising their brand new Single Take feature, which using AI, captures 15 seconds of footage and delivers stylized shots back to you. Pull off a pancake flip, and share on your social media in seconds. Brilliant.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is also capable of capturing stills from video, thanks to their new 8K Video Snap feature and the very capable sensor built into the phones. So if you’re wanting to capture a great pancake flip then film it and extract an image from the video. Job done. It’s super simple and means that you’ll never miss a moment as you won’t have to tap the shutter button at the exact right time!

But, what’s actually required to make the perfect flippable pancake? Well, according to the Bake King, you’re going to need a clean, non-stick pan. Give it a wipe and oil to help the pancake slide around. Heat the oil too and don’t leave the mix sitting too long before whacking it in the pan. Also, check the underside of your pancake, to make sure it’s cooking evenly. Oh, and commit to the flip. Don’t wuss out halfway through.

If you want to check out the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra 5G, then head over to the Samsung website.