They are here at last – the latest offering from NVIDIA in the shape of their 30 series graphics cards. The 10s were good, the 20s better, and the world is hoping the 30s will take their gaming to the next level. MSI is among the first to show the gaming world the shape of things to come with their take on the new architecture.

The company says their version of the second generation of RTX, features new RT Cores, Tensor Cores and streaming multiprocessors, bringing stunning visuals, amazingly fast frame rates, and AI acceleration to games and creative applications. There is the much vaunted Ampere architecture, which is said to deliver increases of up to 1.9X performance-per-watt over the previous generation.

They claim their RTX 30 Series effortlessly powers graphics experiences at all resolutions, even up to 8K at the top end. You can take a look at our piece on LG’s new televisions for some more details. In a bold claim, MSI said the GeForce RTX 3090, 3080, and 3070 represent the greatest GPU generational leap in the history of NVIDIA.

msi 30 series cards

Matt Wuebbling, vice president of global GeForce marketing at NVIDIA, said: “As the second generation of RTX, the RTX 30 Series represents the greatest generation leap in the history of gaming GPUs. We’re excited to see how AIB partners like MSI support our technology in a pursuit for exceptional gaming experiences.”

The new MSI GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs fall into two classes based on the new NVIDIA Ampere architecture; Gaming and Ventus. They said Gaming has been refreshed with a new look while maintaining the same great balance between performance, cooling, and low-noise that gamers have come to trust.

Leading this updated product series is the new TORX Fan 4.0 design with pairs of fan blades bound together with an outer link, forming a rim that focuses airflow into the updated TRI FROZR 2 cooling system. A matte-finish backplate not only reinforces the graphics card, but provides passive cooling action through the implementation of thermal pads.

msi 30 series cards

Mystic Light adorns the exterior of the graphics card, illuminating color in synchrony with the rest of the PC through Mystic Light Sync and Ambient Link, all controlled with the Dragon Center software utility. And they said the popular Ventus is now enhanced with TORX Fan 3.0 and available in triple and dual fan variants giving it a claimed robust cooling system, reinforcing brushed-finish backplate, and rigid industrial aesthetic make this graphics card suitable for any build.

MSI said the two cards are the spearhead of their GeForce RTX 30 series line-up, however, more series are planned to arrive in the near future.