If you missed the previous rumors, where have you been? The Nintendo switch was released in March 2017, two years have passed it’s been a proven success for the company but what is next? Many have speculated that there may be a ‘pro’ version and even a ‘mini’ version, offering the same gameplay, minus some quality and at a reduced price. Well an online store has listed a number of accessories for a Nintendo Switch Mini and also advertised this via email.

So what do we know?

@CptnAlex on Twitter shared the following email he received. It very much looks like your standard spam email from a Chinese wholesaler. We get them a lot.

Not heard of Honson, they are a Shenzen-based company and have been trading since 2004. They sell all sorts of console accessories, controllers, cases, stickers, that kind of thing. One of their categories in named ‘Nintendo Switch Mini’ and within that, there are a number of products including soft & hard carry cases and screen protectors. Everything is new and also out of stock.

At closer look, the cases look identical to a standard size switch, just smaller and you can see the images of the case & mini have been photoshoped. Why would an established website showcase these products for sale, if they weren’t real? Or perhaps they just needed the clicks to increase their site traffic, smart, wish I thought of that!

Deep down I want this to be real, I want the Switch Mini to be real and I want it to be more affordable than the original, with just a slight decrease in performance. With just 6 months until Christmas, will Nintendo make an announcement soon…