Monster iSport Intensity Headphones

Monster are back and have changed the game with their new iSport range! A complete line of wired and wireless headphones, specifically designed to be used and enjoyed while partaking in sport and fitness activities. Monster initially released their iSport range of headphones six years ago, and have continued to make design improvements on the originals. We got sent a pair of iSport Intensity Wired Headphones to check out, so let’s do just that!

First off, very typical packaging from Monster and it doesn’t offer a very premium look to it, but there is a clear window so you can see the headphones before purchase. The headphones are well protected in the packaging, which is a plus. These are in-ear headphones and come with the following features:

• Sweat-proof headphones with antimicrobial eartips for intense workouts
• SportClip keeps iSport Intensity in place during vigorous movement
• Lets in environmental noise for outdoor safety while sealing in music
• Pure Monster Sound® for audio quality to power you through
• Durable, comfortable, and convenient for any sports or workout level

Looking at the above, they have seemed to capture all the problems people face when exercising with headphones on, and solve them. Time will tell though!


In the box is just the headphones and a carry pouch for on the go protection. The headphones are available in three colours: black, pink and lime in the wired versions and a funky lime and blue for the wireless. We got sent a black pair and I really like the way they look! They are predominantly matte black in finish, with hints of shiny chrome. Very subtle design, which I like but if you do want to stand out, the pink or lime will be right up your street. As mentioned before, these are in-ear headphones so they get inserted into your ear canal and should be quite secure. These headphones also come with added support, in the form of a spongy plastic arm of sorts, that help secure the headphone even more. The headphones come with a 3.5mm aux jack at the end, typical four foot lead with built-in control. The sports clip is very handy, and will help with cable management.

Straight away, these headphones are very comfortable to wear. I’m wearing them while I write this and they almost feel like they’re not in my ears. They are not tight by any means and the ear piece isn’t too long or wide so it’s not a struggle to insert them. The spongy arm increases how secure the headphones are in your ears, massively. These could be the most comfortable in ear headphones I’ve ever worn!

Performance wise, excellent! The sound quality is brilliant, well balanced, crisp and distinct. Sound isolation is also very good, considering there is no active noise cancellation included. I went for a run on the treadmill with these, worked up a pretty decent sweat and noticed no change in performance or comfort. The headphones remained secure in my ears at all times, with no need to adjust or arrange mid run. As for the ‘letting in environmental noise’ feature, it’s a bit of an odd one. They do not mention noise cancellation anywhere, so yes they do cancel out part of your surrounding noise, but not all. So yes, you can hear cars driving past when the headphones are in.

Overall, brilliant headphones in my opinion. Extremely comfortable, with excellent sound quality. I have seen these available online for as little as £40 and at that price, its a no brainer! For further info, visit the official Monster website.

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