miGuard A105 Wireless Alarm System Review


Home security specialists, Response Electronics released their latest product – the miGuard A105 wireless plug-in home security solution. The A105 is a simple to set up, plug and play system ready to go straight out of the box. Compact in size yet big in features the A105 is the ideal starter security solution for smaller properties, and perfect for student accommodation/residencies. We don’t usually get involved with security systems as such, but this really caught our eye, so got hold of one to check out.

The system comprised of a central control unit, with an in-built siren, battery-powered pet friendly PIR motion sensors, door/window contact and two keyfobs. It’s all packaged within a relatively small box and of course comes with instructions which really should be read!


It is very much plug and play, but I did read through the instructions beforehand, just to ensure I was doing things correctly. The instructions are good, they are easy to follow and come complete with image and text. The first stage is to set the various pieces of equipment up. Firstly plug the hub/sounder into the socket of your choice and turn it on. Secondly, secure the motion detector onto a wall, in the corner of your chosen room. Positioning and height requirements to apply and are given in the instructions. The detector sits on a flexible ball and socket arrangement, so final positioning is easy. Lastly, position the contact on the door or window of your choice, once again, fixing instructions are given.

Now the system is set up in the room of your choice, it’s time to use it! It’s very simple to use and is completely controlled via a small key ring remote control. You get two in a pack and both are identical, with four push buttons: Arm, Disarm, Part Arm (requires set up) and SOS. Simply aim at the hub and click. Part Arm is an option if you have more than one device such as having PIRs within two rooms and you only want to arm one of those. SOS button acts like a panic alarm, hit the button and the sounder activates.

We found the system to be very easy to control and works effectively. When I entered the room or disrupted the door contact, the alarm sounded. The sounder is very loud, reaching levels of 90dB which will certainly deter any trespassers. I did wonder, as the hub is simply plugged into the wall, if I unplugged it, would it just stop working? No, there is a built-in 8hr battery to prevent this. However, it is portable, very easy to determine its location and could probably be easily destroyed. Batteries are required for all devices but the power consumer is minimal so I imagine decent batteries will last a long time.

Final items to add is that there is nightlight facility and the system can support up to 40 wireless accessories, including keypads, external sounders and so on. The system is good and it works really well but you have to remember that this is a budget system and most suitable for apartments, flats, garden offices, university dorms etc. Available from Maplin at a mere £69.99, this is a must have for those smaller spaces we live in or use!

For further info, visit the Response Electronics website.