Marvel Collectors Corps : Dr Strange Box Review


Another two months have passed and its time for the next installment from Marvel Collector Corps! The last box, Spider-Man, was pretty sweet and when I heard the October box was Dr Strange, I was a little unsure of it and decided to dig a little deeper to ensure I knew what I needed to know, to enjoy the box. The box is now here so lets get it out!

As usual, there is some awesome, sketchy artwork inside and out, of the box. The box is a little bigger than usual and also quite heavy, which is exciting! Peel off the sticky seal and I am greeted by the patch and the pin. The patch is of the man himself, Dr Strange and the pin resembles the ‘Eye of Agamotto’, which is a mystical item within the Dr Strange comics…or at least I think it is! Leave a comment below if Ive got that completely wrong!

Open the next layer in the box and we start getting into the good stuff. First off, we have the info sheet, explaining what is in the box. I rarely read these, I tend to put it to one side and dig straight in. Next we have the comic book and wow, its psychedelically beautiful! This is some of the best artwork Ive seen on a comic yet and really makes me want to read it, but ill get onto that later.


Next we have the 3 main items in the box and this time round, its a t shirt, a mug and the Funko Pop. Im very pleased that its a t shirt this time, as the hat I got last time, hasn’t and probably wont get worn. The t shirt looks great, they have really put the effort in this time which redeems them somewhat. I remember in the Women of Power box, the t shirt was a single ink print, on a grey tee. Not very imaginative! This tee is navy blue, with a large bold and colourful print of Dr Strange, using his powers. Ill be wearing this to the cinema to see the movie!

Next we have a mug, yes, one of those things you put tea, coffee, or other beverages in. I really like this, its very detailed & sculptured to Dr Strange, and its practical. I dont drink hot drinks but this will go in the kitchen cupboard and will be used, so im happy with that.


Finally we the Funko Pop and they have pulled out all the stops on this and I know collectors will love it! It is a posed, Dr Strange, levitating in the air, with is cape acting as a stand for the Pop. I haven’t seen anything like it before, pops usually have feet or a stand or sorts, so Funko have really pushed the boat out on Dr Strange. The level of detail is great and the glittery finish is amazing! The pop is a bobble head by the way!


Im very happy with this box and the highlights for me, have to be the t shirt and Pop. I get the impression Funko put a decent amount of time and effort into creating this box and its paid of. Whats the next box I hear you ask? X-MEN! Yes, the next box we open from Collector Corps will have glorious X-Men products in it. Chances of Wolverine playing a big part in the box? Very High! If you fancy joining up, visit the Collector Corps website! It roughly costs £33 per box, shipped from the US.

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