Lumo Lift Posture Coach Review

There are millions of us on this earth whose day jobs require us to sit in a chair, at a desk, in front of a computer for eight hours a day. I bet none of you realised what negative effects that has on your back? Well it does and can cause servere back problems later on in life. But there is good news. Lumo have created a sensor that magnetically sticks to your clothes to keep track of your body position and posture throughout your day. They’re attempting to make the world more healthy.

The Lumo Lift uses sensitive single-sensor algorithmic models to detect human motion in space. Complex right? Not at all. In simple terms this means that the Lift will detect when you’re slouching. So sit up straight otherwise you’ll get a vibration on your body. It was a shock at first having it go off, I must not have very good posture, but I soon got used to it and used it as a tool to change my position or sit up straight.

In addition to tracking your posture, the Lumo Lift can be used as a step counter, calorie counter and tell you your distance travelled. It does more than most body-tracking products on the market making the Lump Lift one of a kind. It can narrow your body tracking down to your core and upper body among others. The Lift is small enough to hide it on you such as under your collar or behind your shirt pocket. It’s a handy device which will definitely save your back aching after an intense work shift.

Take note that this is an iOS product so Apple users will be able to take full advantage. Sorry Androids, not yet for you guys. The Lumo Lift can be purchased from Apple themselves for around £79.99 and the app downloaded from their App Store.

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