The MMO mouse has certainly made a big impression on the gaming scene for many gamers, but has Logitech’s G600 really got what it takes to stand up against the big boys of gaming, Razer and SteelSeries?

I believe it has. I’ve been using the G600 in conjunction with the Razer Nostromo giving me the ability to have every button I need within a slight stretch of any finger. The G600 makes this possible with twelve buttons on the thumb rest, two below the scroll wheel, the left click, right click and middle mouse button. This make for seventeen buttons, but we’re not finished there as you may have already noticed from the pictures below. The G600 comes with an extra button next to the right mouse key. The “G-shift” key as Logitech are calling it. This shifts the stat for the twelve thumb keys  doubling their effectiveness, making a grand total of 24 keystrokes on the thumb rest alone.

To program all those keys you’d think you’d need a programming degree, but all it takes is a quick download from the Logitech site and you’re ready to dive right into the Logitech G Software. By default the G600 comes with three profiles already stored into the on-board memory function. You also have the chance to set a profile up the way you want it, unplug your mouse, head over to a friends, plug it in and you’re ready to game the way you’re used to.


Another great feature is the lights. I love lights on anything and the G600 lets you know what profile you’re currently using by showing you different colours. Now these can be in a rainbow effect, a slow or quick pulse or a solid colour. The choice is yours!

The design of the G600 is, as like most Logitech Gaming tech, second to none. The twelve thumb buttons are shaped so that you can feel your way around them without having to take your eyes of the screen. It has the normal anti-friction pads that let it slide equally proficiently any surface. The DPI spread is also grand like most things on this mouse stretching from 200 – 8,200, which can also be switched on the fly. Lastly, the G600 does have a couple of issues. If your left handed this mouse is not for you. Secondly, it has a soft braided cable. I know a lot of people prefer their cables coated in plastic as they are less likely to fray or kink.

If you’re looking for a mouse that features more choices than a Chinese take away menu, and you’re right handed, the G600 is definitely worth the look. Priced at around £49.99  it is also one of the cheapest MMO gaming mice around.