Lindy NCX-100 Headphones Review

Everyone likes a good pair of headphones. Whether it’s to chill out listening to your favourite tunes while writing a review or a long commute to work, music lets us escape from the reality of real life. We can shut ourselves off from the world and get lost in our own little personal bubbles. Well, with the Lindy Chromo NCX-100 Noise Cancelling Headphones, you actually can.

Lindy have done a great job with these cans. Featuring noise cancelling technology, once these are on your head, you no longer need to worry about anyone interrupting your music listening. The way the technology works is simple. The microphones record outside noise, so if you’re in the street that’s things like cars, roadworks, and general conversation of people walking by. While the microphones are recording, the speakers are playing back those sounds, effectively cancelling out the frequencies captured by the microphones. This gives you a closed off experience once the headphones have been switched on.

Music playback is absolute gorgeous. Bass levels areextremely punchy thanks to the adjustable bass feature. If you’re a Dubstep fan, then these will work. If you like classical music, then look no further. The headphones have a huge dynamic frequency range which allows every single solitary instrument in a track to be heard. If you have the headphones switched off, they still sound good, but not as crisp as when the noise cancelling tech kicks in.

The design is very modern with a matte black finish as well as some small silver accents to finish off. The Lindy NCX-100s are very comfortable to wear. I wore these on my train to the office every day and not once did they feel uncomfortable. Sound once they were on my head was very contained. I didn’t seem to annoy other commuters like I have done with other pairs of headphones. There is a layer of foam on each ear cup that keep sound bleed to a minimum, even at louder volumes.

There is so many good points to the Lindy NCX-100 Headphones that it’s hard to find much wrong with them, and even the things I did find wrong is me nit-picking. Things like I’d rather they had a built-in lithium battery to charge than AAs, or the switch to turn the noise-cancelling feature on is a bit sensitive. See what I mean? And for you audiophiles out there, for a pair of noise cancelling headphones for under £100, you can’t go wrong. Now, let me get back to my bubble, I’m missing all of my favourite tracks.