King.com Are Candy Crushing It

Did you know, every day, 93 million people play the addictive mobile game Candy Crush? And that each hour, people spend the equivalent of 128 years playing? Did you also know that Candy Crush offer in-app purchases for extra lives, boosters and other things? Okay, so now you know.

Hold on to your seat becasue this next bit of info is a SHOCKER! Ready? Did you know, that creators of Candy Crush King.com make $1.3 billion (£856 million) on Candy Crush purchases each year? That’s absolutely mental!

The study was carried out by TotalMoney.com and looked into people’s habbits with the intensely popular Candy Crush saga. In addition, $72.93 (£48) is spent every second on pointless in-app purchases. TotalMoney.com also found that people are spending 6 x more on King.com in-app purchases than they are on Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds, and Supercell, the company behind Clash Of Clans. That’s around a 28% increase.

Blizzard Activision has recently just taken over the Candy Crush giants King.com for a whoping $5.9  billion (£3.8 billion).

I’m telling you, pay to win app games are the future. Who wants to join my quest to invent the next big title? No one? There’s $5.9billion in it for you. Take a look at the nifty interactive infographic below. It features all the facts and figures behind Candy Crush’s spending audience.

(via Totally Money).