Lego Bugatti Chiron Coming To Stores

lego bugatti

Following in the footsteps of the popular Porsche 911 GT3 RS which sold out in record time, Lego have decided to include another car to their outstanding Technics lineup, the glorious Bugatti Chiron. The car has been re-imagined for the Lego franchise and has been available  from the Lego store from 1st June 2018.

The Bugatti was developed as a partnership between the supercar manufacturer and the most popular building block company in the world to create this wonderful piece. From the pre-release images we’ve seen, it looks absolutely stunning, and something we would love to build.

The car is 1:8 the size of a Bugatti Chiron and measures over 5″ high, 22″ long and 9″ wide. It features a staggering 3,600 pieces which screams detailed to me. And looking at the images, it’s not just the shell either. Inside is a full cockpit that needs building and also an engine compartment. Things like the engine pistons move and it has a Technic 8-speed gearbox with movable paddle gearshift.

There are a couple of hidden secrets to this car too including the stylish Bugatti overnight bag as well as a couple of Bugatti emblems. The set has been pained in Bugatti’s classic duo-tone blue colour scheme which reflects the brand’s signature colour.

To finish off this set, you also get a display box to show off your creation as well as a collectors booklet with building instructions because unless you’re some kind of Lego genius, this is going to be a tough venture to start. You can also check out their podcast which goes into detail between Bugatti and Lego about the challenges in creating this unbelievable piece. For more information, you can head over to the Lego shop.

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