Highlights From The Xbox E3 2018 Conference

microsoft e3 2018

Microsoft kicked off their E3 conference with a bang this year with a teaser from Halo Infinite which actually excited me somewhat. There’s not been a decent Halo game for some time now. The last time was maybe Halo 3? So I’m excited to see where this one is going.

We moved on to a speech from Phil Spencer before jumping into a few more games that seemed almost like filler for what come next.

Fallout 76! Everyone’s most anticipated title right now, introduced by a guy from Bethesda. We got a sneak preview of some gameplay, as well as a little look into more of where the game is based and what the story line may be about, rebuilding America. Expect to see more from Bethesda’s press event.

Everyone’s favourite spiky haired hero is back in Kingdom Hearts 3, which seems like it’s got a huge focus on various Disney franchises now. Elsa, Olaf, Hercules, the cast from Monsters Inc, they’re all there it seems, including the main cast of lovable characters.

Sea of Thieves, desperately struggling to stay relevant are launching two separate add-on expansions to the already dying title. These are named A Cursed Sailes and Forsaken Shores.  They teased a hellish looking location, where you seem to be sailing on what looked like clouds, bursts of lava and even a giant monster’s foot.

Fast cars, motorbikes and even a tease of a drive-able Hover Craft made Forza Horizon 4 that little bit more exciting. Set in Britain, FH4 features dynamic seasons in an open world area. They even showed some gameplay footage on stage. The Xbox One X will also bring 60fps gameplay to gamers, as long as your screen can handle it. They demonstrated some real time online play, and the drift scene was actually pretty impressive from the gamers I must say.

The Division 2 was announced with Microsoft this year with some gameplay footage based in a jungle environment. A lot different from the New York-esque streets of the original. Equipped with some false vocal work and what I can guess is another overpromise, underdeliver show from Ubisoft, this is a title I’m feeling a little sketchy about.

Tomb Raider on the other hand showed off some pretty epic action packed sequences. titled Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the game is set to launch on September 14 2018, which is very soon. This game definitely will get some fans of the franchise pumped.

Skateboarding fans will be pleased that a game based on their sport is on the way. There hasn’t been a good skating game since Skate, and this game named Session looks to fill that void. No gameplay footage here, but we were treated to a nice amount of cutscene rendered footage to get excited about.

Bandai Namco showed off Full Force, which gave off a beat ’em up kind of feel between Naruto and Dragonball Z characters, like Marvel VS Capcom type titles. It wasn’t clear if these characters were teaming up to fight off another force. I doubt it, as they’re both pretty big rival anime series, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Parkour favourite Dying Light is back with a sequel of high speed free running across city scapes. This time, the environment reacts to your choices. Give water to the peace keepers, then people suffer who don’t side with them. Keep it being sold on the black market, then you bring some pretty nasty folks around. It doesn’t seem too deep right now, that was a pretty bad example they gave as both factions have nasty people to fight. Consequences didn’t seem as drastic as that example made them out to be.

Square Enix as well as Kingdom Hearts 3 showcased some explosive rendered footage of the new Just Cause title, which is on its fourth iteration now. No gameplay was shown, but it did confirm that there were multiple driveable vehicles, your lucky grappling hook used to sling onto helicopters and a whole host of huge guns.

There was no bigger fail this conference than when they previewed Gears of War Pop. The trailer launched with the GoW logo, the red skull and cog, but when animated Funko Pop characters burst through the door, and were greeted with a Lego type humour from the Locust, it all seemed a little tongue in cheek. It’s a mobile title apparently, but there were not many cheers once the trailer finished. They saved themselves however by showcasing a Gears of War 5 trailer. It’s been ages since the last one, so people will definitely be pumped for this.

Save the best until last or what! CD Project Red showcased Cyberpunk 2077 and it looks every bit insane as promised. Although no gameplay was showcased, it looks extremely narrative heavy. I’m hoping for some kind of dynamic open world.

Microsoft shared 15 exclusive titles thoughout their E3 2018 conference. Although I have mentioned only a small handful of exciting titles coming to the Xbox One X, but there were a whole host of other titles you may be interest in. Check them out on the live stream for yourself, there may be some more titles that surprise you.

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