Leef Access MicroSD Card Reader Review

Ever find yourself short of phone storage because of the amount of photos you’ve taken? Now that cameras are in everybody’s hand now, storage on phones is becoming a problem. That’s why Leef have come up with their new product, the Access. It’s a portable microSD card reader that attaches to the bottom of your phone. You can even share photos with your friends without the need for an internet connection.

The Leef Access uses a micro USB connection to connect to the smartphone or tablet. From here you can enter a varied size of microSD card into the rear end to open up new storage options for your phone. Whether it’s photos, music or videos, the Leef Access enables to transfer it to the card, therefor enabling you to delete the file from your phone to gain some extra storage space. Handy right?

leef access 1

The product works well. We used it to transfer our WhatsApp photos file folder over to the inserted microSD card. From here we transferred the images to our PC so we wouldn’t lose the memories. This freed up space on the phone we were using.

Transfer is seamless and doesn’t take long at all to transfer large files. It also felt very secure when in the phone. I liked the plug and playability of this product meaning there wasn’t any apps to get your head around. Simply plug it in and we were ready to go with transferring our files.

You can find out more information for yourself by going to the Leef website. Coming in at around $12.99 makes this handy product an absolute steal for you budding smartphone photographers out there.