Creative MUVO Mini Speaker Review

Creative have just released their budget Bluetooth speaker, the MUVO Mini and it has been packed full of features that are hard to find in other similarly priced speakers on the market.

Coming in at under £100, Creative has hit the sweet spot when designing the MUVO Mini. It’s small, sounds absolutely fantastic, and won’t mind if you drop it or get it a little wet. Sounds great doesn’t it?

So let’s run through the features on by one. There are two connectivity options for you here. The first being a 3.5mm auxillery for hard wiring a device to it. The second is Bluetooth, which was very easy to connect my phone to it. Activate the Bluetooth setting, and search for it using your phone or tablet. Once found, a tiny wait while it connects and away you go. Seamless, decent quality music wirelessly. The range in a house was around six metres before it started to cut out. In the outdoors I would say it went up to around 10, but that’s more because it had a straight line signal and no walls in the way.

The battery lasts for around 10 hours of playback time which in compact Bluetooth speaker is amazing. Would easily last a weekend trip away, at times when you’re chilling out around a tent or even a trip to the beach. It charges using a micro USB straight into your computer or laptop. A good charge overnight like we did will see you with a full battery ready for your music filled day.

The most impressive feature of this speaker is its weather proofing. If it gets a little wet from a light shower, so what? It’ll survive. This doesn’t mean it can be submerged in water however, so don’t try that. But natural weather such as rain, and ground elements like dust, the speaker will work through the interferences.

The Creative MUVO Mini is very loud, and can handle pretty much any genre you throw at it. At top volumes there is a little distortion but music is still extremely clear, and the bass frequencies are really well-balanced with the rest of the equalizer scale.

For a sub-£100 speaker, the Creative MUVO Mini is absolutely superb. It’s portable, lasts a day of use, and is completely weather proof for when the skies suddenly turn on you. This is definitely a contender for best portable speaker of the year.

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  • Greyfietz

    MUVO Mini is lovely in design, very portable, battery lasts about a day’s use, after few hours of charging (*but may vary duration, typically on how long you use it and the volume) and is absolutely weatherproof. The bass however is the worry here.

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