Hot off the press, KEF has just announced a new pair of earphones, the Mu3. The Mu3 have been designed by designer Ross Lovegrove, then engineered by the guys at KEF.

The audio performance of Mu3 earphones benefits from KEF’s specially tuned Active Noise Cancellation technology. It enables the Mu3 to eliminate external noise without effecting the details that bring music to life.

Mu3_Silver Grey_Floating_In Case

The Mu3 delivers KEF’s incomparable signature sound. Each of the Mu3s’ sculptural enclosures contains an 8.2mm full-range dynamic driver, expertly tuned by KEF’s engineering team to deliver an exceptionally dynamic and well balanced, coherent sound with rich midrange, detailed bass and crisp high tones. Every nuance and subtlety of the recording is magnificently revealed when you listen and believe.

To ensure the Mu3 earphones look as good as they sound, KEF has once again collaborated with Ross Lovegrove, the designer behind the MUON loudspeaker and the MUO Bluetooth speaker. Renowned for his innovative approach and flowing, sculptural forms, Ross Lovegrove brings a new dimension to sound. Through design that embraces both beauty and technological ingenuity, Lovegrove’s ongoing collaboration with KEF is an exercise in aesthetic and engineering excellence.

Mu3_Silver Grey_Pair_Back_Li

The Mu3 earphones may be small, but their sculptural look offers sophistication within their compact dimensions. The pure and clean aesthetic complements KEF’s design philosophy perfectly. Great design is about more than style; the Mu3 earphones boast quality and ergonomics to match.

ANC, ambient mode, Bluetooth 5.0, they look promising and from what we’ve tried from KEF in the past, I’m sure they will sound the business. Also, I can see it, I can see the resemblance between the earphones and other KEF products. I like the look, the gloss finish, I’m unsure on but time will tell. They are available this month, with a retail price of £199.