Something different came through our door the other day, something that we have all found very practical and handy to have! We have been sent a Juice Travel Charger and Adapter…sure it’s not the most exciting thing we’ve seen, but you may be surprised! After reviewing a couple of Juice speakers, we were aware they also produce power components such as plugs, cables and chargers, along with power banks. But they also have the Juice Travel, which is a universal USB charger with four separate plugs for all your holiday and work destinations. Unfortunately flights to New York wasn’t included in the post but I checked it out never the less!


The packaging says it all, it shows every component you get and is full of information, both front and back. The packaging works really well with this kind of product, as by seeing the various plug adapters before opening up helps determine if the right one is included. The charger comes in a variety of colours. We were sent the sky blue version. Very unique to this kind of product.

There are four interchangeable AC plug adaptors: British (Typc G-BS Plug), European (Type C-VDE Plug), USA (Typa A-UL Plug) and Australia/New Zealand (Type I-SAA Plug). With these four adaptors, the charger will work in over 150 countries! The charger can take up to three USB cables, with a total output of 4A, which will charge your devices pretty quickly. No USB cables are included which is fine as we probably all have plenty of USB cables by now. There is a handy carry pouch though to keep everything clean and tidy.


Using the charger is very simple. Simply select which plug adapter you want to use and slide it into the charging adapter. There is an audiable clicking sound as it clips into place to ensure it correctly installed. When you want to remove the plug part, there is a button to release it. Plug it into the wall socket and away you go! The charger has three USB ports on it, one labelled for iPad or Tablet and the other two labelled for iPhone or smartphone. It doesnt mention anywhere on the box or in the literature that the ports have different power outputs. Certain devices such as iPads require higher ampage power to charge. I can only assume that they have labelled the ports separately to ensure I plug the correct device into the correct port. Does it matter? No, regardless of what device you put into which port, they will all charge, but some may be slower or faster than others.

The charger works as it should, I put two iPhones and an iPad on charge at the same time and they all charged within a reasonable time as charge time for each device seemed to be very similar, if not the same as the official charging products.

This isnt available just yet, but will be by the end of July for around £22 and I recommend you get one. Be it for everyday use or when on your travels, it’s really handy! For further info and to purchase soon, visit the Juice website.