Jaxjox Kettlebell Connect Smart Kettlebell Review

jaxjox kettlebell connect smart kettlebell

There was once a time when a workout required you and a set of weights, maybe a kettlebell too. But since gym goers and fitness freaks found smartphones, and the plethora of fitness tracking apps, there’s no wonder that the companies that provide your fitness products have integrated them into the items they sell. Which is what Jaxjox has done with their Kettlebell Connect.

The nice thing about the Jaxjox Kettlebell Connect is the fact that it’s a six-in-one unit, meaning it’s super space saving if you’re a fan of kettlebell workouts. I had mine in the corner of my room and its surface area didn’t take up much space at all.

Inside the kettlebell are six different weights which add on or drop off in six pound increments depending on how heavy you want it to be. The weight ranges from 12 to 42 pounds, and this is easily adjusted using the plus and minus buttons on the front of the base stand. You can choose to display the weight in pounds or kilograms.

I left my base station plugged into a constant power source. But if you did want to keep it away from a power outlet, there’s around 14 hours worth of battery you can get through before you will need to charge the kettlebell again.

There’s even a companion app which you can connect to the kettlebell to track your workouts, and you can even sync the Jaxjox Kettlebell Connect to your Fitbit smart watch too. The app is easy to setup. Just create an account, enter some details about yourself and your physical fitness levels and away you go. You can create daily or weekly exercise goals for yourself too. The app can also connect to your Fitbit too so you can track your stats there as well like steps.

I had a lot of trouble with the companion app for my Android smartphone. First off I couldn’t make an account using Facebook, even though it promoted me to do so. I had to make a separate Jaxjox account, so cue the marketing emails. Secondly, the app asked me to connect the kettlebell to my phone, but again, I kept getting a failed to connect prompt, which means I wasn’t able to actually track my exercises inside of the app. After many unsuccessful tries, I gave up, and just used the Jaxjox Kettlebell Connect as a weight, turning to YouTube videos as guides because, as you’ve probably seen on our YouTube channel, I’m not exactly the exercise king.

The biggest issue I had with the device, apart from the failed attempts at syncing the kettlebell with my phone is the price. I found it online for £329.99, which is a hefty ask for one piece of equipment. However, a single kettlebell can go for around £30 to £50 anyway, so if you’re buying six separates, at the same weight that the Jaxjox Kettlebell Connect is supplying, £329 actually doesn’t seem that bad. For more information, head over to the Jaxjox website.

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Jaxjox Kettlebell Connect Smart Kettlebell
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