Jabra, originally known for their Bluetooth hands free products, branched out into personal audio some time again and they have just released a new pair of headphones. The Jabra Elite 45h, a pair of on-ear headphones, with a long battery life and personal EQ. Let’s take a look.

  • 2 microphone call technology
  • MySound customisable sound
  • Foldable
  • Direct voice assistant access
  • Upto 50hr battery life
  • Fast charge 15min = 10 hours playback

The headphones are very compact and lightweight. They are on the ear headphones, so they sit on your ear, rather than surround it. They are made from plastic and the ones we got sent have a modest satin black finish to them, with some subtle branding. They are available in five different finishes, including black, blue and beige, and a couple of crossovers. The black and copper looks the best in my opinion.

Each ear cup has a small amount of padding but if you squeeze it, you can feel the components inside. Similar to the headband, it has a stretched rubber section to the top and there is very little padding behind it. That being said, they still offer a very comfortable and relatively secure fit. One thing I really like is each ear cup tilts in the center, like a seesaw to help with comfort. The ear cups fold in nearly 180degree and the headband is adjustable. In the box, you get the headphones, a nice thick fabric case, and a USB C cable for charging.

The right earphone is where the magic happens and includes a number of buttons, including power and content controls, plus the USB port for charging and what appears to be two microphone grilles.

I’m really impressed with how these sound, the 40mm drivers pack a real punch and the app is a huge asset. On first use, they sounded ok, enjoyable but not mind-blowing. I then followed the instructions on the box to install the sound+ app and well, performance went up a notch or two. The audio quality somewhat differs depending on which EQ you use and I’d highly recommend pairing with the app, rather than going without.

When you first use the app, you need to pair with the headphones and perform a hearing test. You’ll hear a number of beeps and hums, and when you hear said sound in either or left or right ear, you tell the app you heard it. After about a minute or two, the rest is complete and the headphones are somewhat configured to your hearing. How? I’m not completely sure. Anyway, this then opens up the EQ options, of which there are six defaults but you can do whatever you want to suit you. Clicking through each EQ, the sound changes instantly and it’s the difference is very obvious. I generally stuck to energise but you do you. There is also a soundscape option, which showcases the headphones a little more and offers sample audio and black noise if that’s your thing. The app also allows you to change settings, update firmware etc.

Battery life was good, I think the 50 hours is very achievable and I’ve got plenty of juice left in mine after about 10-15 hours of use. Not to mention the fast charge, is fast. There are voice prompts that are handy, the controls are easy to use and the microphone quality is very good. I expected the call quality to be good, considering Jabras history with Bluetooth headsets and wasn’t disappointed. My only problem, if you can call it that, is that these are on ear headphones and I prefer over the ear for that extra sound isolation. Speaking of that, there is no active noise cancellation included and I wouldn’t expect it at this price point.

At £89.99, these are a steal and you would’nt be disappointed. Yes there is no ANC but with everything else on offer, it’s an easy purchase. To find out more and to purchase, head over to the official Jabra website.