Sometimes we get some really cool tech to review, sometimes you don’t and sometimes you get one of those ‘it does what it says on the tin’, like this. The iWalk LinPod portable charger, simple, affordable and unfortunately essential nowadays with smartphones not really delivering what consumers need in regards to day-long battery life.

iWalk produce various different portable power banks but this one in particular is the LinkPod 5000 Pro and has been specifically design for phones, with compatibility from the iPhone 8 up to the iPhone 14. This includes a 4800mAh battery, which will charge an older iPhone fully, with some of the newer models (or larger screen) almost a full charge.

Spec-wise, it’s USB C and supports 18W PD fast charging and takes a total of 1.5hrs to charge from 0 to 100%. It also includes pass-through charging, so you can plug the charger in at the wall, and then plug it into your phone and both your phone and charger will fully charge overnight, which is great.


The device itself is quite compact and very portable. It’s got a cover over the lightning connector to protect it from getting damaged. It’s got a USB C port used for charging it, and a cable is provided in the box and it has a small circular display on the front, showing a number. This number equates to the amount of battery left and available. There is a button on the side of the charger which once pressed, turns the display on for a short period, showing the charge level, which allows you to determine if you need to charge it or not. To use it, remove the cover and insert it into your phone.

While plugged in, you can still use your phone although it does become a little awkward and heavier to hold, but you get used to it.


Battery life was ok however with my iPhone 13, I got about 0 to 80% battery via one full charge of this power bank. It’s the same problem everyone has with power banks, the smaller the package, the less charge you get, but everyone wants as much charge as possible in the smallest package. There is a happy medium somewhere and I feel iWalk has gone some way to achieving this. Portable, lightweight and has enough battery to really help you out when you’re stuck.

Price-wise, I’ve seen this for just under ¬£30 on Amazon and I feel that’s fair for what you get.

For more info, head over to the official iWalk website.