You’ve seen the horror stories in the press, where a member of the Government leaves their laptop or memory stick or hard drive, with extremely sensitive data on it in the pub or on the train. Well, those people probably go into panic mode, simply because their laptop or whatever device hasn’t got any kind of security on it. Well, if they were using iStorage Datashur BT memory sticks, their problems may have been solved.

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It’s a simple idea really. You plug the Datashur BT into a USB port on your PC or laptop, and you use your phone to enter the password to unlock it. It means that there is some two part authentication on the memory stick itself, as it can’t be accessed without that unlock. An extra layer of security is always helpful in my eyes.

So to set up, it’s pretty simple. Plug it in for the first time, and download the iStorage partner app on your phone, and proceed to follow the steps on the drive, which is really just an ‘Enter Password’ step. The memory stick was found straight away by my phone. I am using a Google Pixel 4 XL just to let you know. And once I set a password I was in. I could use it like you would a standard memory stick on your computer, to store photos, videos, documents and whatever else you like.

The one we received comes with 64GB storage, which is more than enough for storing loads of documents, not so much though for 4K video. But still, this is more likely going to be used for documents anyway.

The housing of the iStorage Datashur BT is all metal, giving a nice premium feel and again, protection from drops. And what’s more, if you forget your password, if you haven’t set up the mobile text service, or you get your password wrong 10 times, then it’ll wipe automatically. Good stuff. For more information, head over to the iStorage website.