Intel’s fighting back with Coffee Lake

August 21st Facebook Live Coffee Lake Reveal

Intel will unveil their new 8th Generation Processors, named Coffee Lake on August 21st. The reveal will be broadcast on Facebook live over on their Facebook page and will we feature a number of presentations showing how the chip performs under a variety of different scenarios. One scenarios being a demo with a VR creator and imaging technologist.

The new 8th-gen will stick with the 14 nanometer manufacturing process we are used to and not the 10nm process we are waiting for (CannonLake). Intel themselves have already claimed that the 8th-gen chips wont be a redesign, but this is no reason to sweep past this launch. We are likely to see an increase in core count on all 3 versions, bringing the core i7 and core i5s up to a hex core and the core i3s up to a quad core. Making those various leaks and benchmarking teases look pretty good.

The current 7th-gen (Kaby Lake) is still pretty recent, which makes me feel like this is Intel’s way of fighting back against the more affordable bang-for-your-buck Ryzen Processors from AMD which house 8/6/4 cores throughout their range.

You can tune into the Live stream on the Intel Facebook page or heading over to the Intel Newsroom @ 8AM (PDT) / 4PM (BST)

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