HP Unveil Super Fast Printers


HP has unveiled a new range of A4 printers, that are the most efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective of their kind. They are capable of producing 75 pages per minute, in colour, all from a reasonably compact printer. There are several new printers in the HP PageWide range, catering for every possible need. Starting with the entry level PageWide printer, moving up to the Pro model and through to the Enterprise model, which is the all singing, all dancing, all-in-one small office printer.

As mentioned before, the printers offer a 75 page per minute, colour print rate, which is very impressive but that’s not the only feature they have. Depending on which model you choose, you can also copy, scan and even fax! Is that still a thing? All these printers are based around a 5-15 person user base, which would pretty much cover your typical London tech start up. Each printer comes with its own in-built touch screen, is packed full of features and can be customised to suit your needs.


HP_PAGEWIDEAs part of their unveiling, HP invited ten writers to take part in a fun YouTube video inspired by the 80s hit show The Generation Game. The printer transformed into the famous conveyor belt as the writers tried to remember as many pages of printed prizes as possible within one minute. Check out the HP Business Printers video:



We haven’t had a chance to actually see one of these printers in action yet but by watching the video and checking out the spec, these do look very impressive and could help reduce printing times and increase productivity within the workforce! Prices start from as little as £264. For further info, visit the official HP PageWide web page.